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YRAC Artist in Residence Program


Introducting York Region Arts Council's Artists in Residence 2018!

Angela Anne Casullo is a York Region based artist working within painting, encaustic, drawing, mixed media, photography and visual poetry. Angela is an OCT certified educator, and at her residency at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, has taught painting workshops for camps and created paintings inspired by the spaces and nature of  Kortright. Her work is influenced by the environment around her, her emotions and thought streams, as well as the concept of place, home and the in-between. Angela works with natural elements such as water, dirt and wax extracted from the environment in which she is creating. At  Kortright, Angela created encaustic (bees wax) works using locally sourced bees wax from the apiaries on-site. 

Angela will be doing a demonstration and some of her work will be shown at the upcoming Honey Harvest Festival on September 15th and 16th.

Jeff Nye is an artist, writer, teacher and curator based in Newmarket, Ontario. His paintings and multi-media installations have been shown in galleries across the country. Jeff created work for his residency at NewMakeIt. Jeff has used the AIR opportunity to expand his perspective on art and its intersection with technology.  He has worked heavily with the makers at NewMakeIt to develop a motion-sensored rotating canvas. Through the residency, Jeff has provided coaching sessions for numerous artists, and held studio tours and Facebook live streams of his process.

Jeff will be showcasing the Robotic Easel and the 20 paintings that he has created with it at the 10th Annual Newmarket Group of Artists Art Walk and Studio Tour. The dates for that event are October 13th and 14th.

Robotic Easel will be on display at Quest Art’s Annual Art Slam Event in Midland on September 21st. The link for that event is

It will also be at the Newmarket Artisans:  Music, Art and Craft Beer Evening at the Old Town Hall in Newmarket on September 29th.

Background Information on the Artist in Residence Program


The Artist in Residence program will provide two professional artists or collectives of artists with the opportunity to develop themselves as professionals. The program will give selected artists $2500 each, along with exposure to potential partners, media channels and patrons of art. The program will also provide the artist with the resources and tools needed to build their portfolio. This is a unique opportunity for York Region artists to nurture their professional practices close to home.

Program Goals

The overarching goals of the Artist in Residence program are to:

  • Create a new work of art inspired by the space & community of the host organization
  • Engage the community in which the artist will be hosted
  • Provide an opportunity for York Region artists to build their portfolio
  • Provide resources and exposure to support artists in York Region
  • Contribute to the creation of a vibrant York Region

For more information about the YRAC Artist in Residence program,  please contact Ganesh Thavarajah, Manager, Programs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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