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Business for the Arts

Business Planning

The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur

By William Deresiewicz

Hard-working artisan, solitary genius, credentialed professional—the image of the artist has changed radically over the centuries. What if the latest model to emerge means the end of art as we have known it? Learn More

Create business and financial plans

Get information, tips, tricks and strategies to succeed in your arts career. Learn More

6 Links Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Know

By Spark Box Studio

To help all of you creative entrepreneurs we have put together a list of helpful websites to get your inspired, on track, and ready for a great year of creation! Learn More

Top Tips for Young Theatre Producers

By The Guardian

From team management to critics, Tim Johanson, currently producing The Wasp at Trafalgar Studios, offers some advice to aspiring producers. Learn More


5 Design Trends: 2016 is the Year of User Experience

By Matthew Couto

Making predictions for the future is key to success, especially within the face-paced tech industry. Each year, TechSoup Canada predicts key tech and web design trends that will affect nonprofits the most. It’s our prediction that 2016 will be the year of user experience. Learn More

Facebook: A really useful Marketing Tool

By Sue Edworthy

In a Facebook-centred intensive workshop, participants will not only learn more about the how’s and best practices of using Facebook, but the whys of it. Learn More

Guerella Music Marketing Suggestions

By Christopher Knab

For Independent musicians in the business of selling, promoting or doing music on the internet.  Learn More

Free Music Marketing Tips

By Bards Crier

Promotion tips, including links to free downloads of music promotion, ebooks (go to his blog and scroll to the end). Learn More

Music Marketing and Promotion Tips

By Bob Baker

Learn how to get exposure, connect with fans and increase your income through your artistic passions with Bob Baker, an author, musician, and workshop leader who is dedicated to helping creative people of all kinds. Learn More

Five ways to connect online with disabled festival audiences

By Callum Hogg

Provide detail on access to performances and introduce a travel guide, because barriers to access can be found long before the festival gates. Learn More

Financial Planning

This This Grantmaking Pyramid Strategy Ensures That Nonprofits Won't Topple

By Ben Paynter

Too many philanthropic grants focus on expanding new programs at the expense of nonprofits’ internal structure and stability, but a new initiative is looking to put the focus on building organizational strength from the ground up. Read More

Fundraising 101

By Artreach Toronto 

Fundraising can be challenging - it is an art of catching attention and providing reasons substantial enough for people to donate. This tool gives excellent advice and outlines most important things you should know about when fundraising. Learn More

Crowdfunding Platform

By Toronto Fringe

Fund What You Can (FWYC) is a fundraising resource created and run by the Toronto Fringe Festival. It has been made to suit the needs to independent artists from across Canada, in any artistic discipline. Learn More

Selling Art

Sell art, contests, show, competitions, tips, tutorials and resources for artists.

Learn More

Art business advice, real strategies to help you succeed in the business of art

By Empty Easel

An online art magazine with practical advice, tips and tutorials for creating and selling art. Learn More

A few tips on how to price your artwork

By Spark Box Studio

It’s common for artists to feel uncomfortable and confused when faced with the task of pricing art and craft pieces. There can be uncertainty about what’s considered too high or too low. You don’t want to undervalue your work but you also don’t want to price it so high that no one buys it. Learn More

How to price your work as an Arts and Cultural Professional

By Cornelia McCarthy | The Guardian

Pricing formulas range from the scientific, to the gut, to sheer guesswork – price your product right with this essential resource. Learn More

Support Organizations

Canadian Artist Representation Copyright Collection

Fee schedules for visual artists. Learn More

Ontario Arts Council Introduction/Survival Guide

Tips and must-dos for preparing an application to the Ontario Arts Council. Learn More

Resources from Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport provide a list of available resources for artists and several Professional development and training links. Learn More

Arts organization resources


ArtsBuild is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to address the cultural infrastructure challenge facing Ontario's charitable small and mid-sized performing and visual arts organizations. Learn More

Also check out ArtsBuild Ontario's Resource Library, your one-stop destination for all things related to building, managing, greening, and financing arts facilities. Learn More

Business for the Arts

This national association works to strengthen partnerships between the arts and business communities. Their ArtsVest program connects arts organizations across Canada with private-sector funders and volunteers through matching funds programs and sponsorship training. Learn More

Creative Trust

This Toronto organization works to ensure the health and sustainability of small and mid-size arts organizations. Their initial program, Working Capital for the Arts, helped arts organizations achieve financial stability. They are now working on facilities and infrastructure issues, and conducting research on audience development. Learn More

Ministry of Ontario Programs and Grants

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport administers several funding and grant programs to eligible arts stakeholders, including the Museum and Technology Fund, Cultural Strategic Investment Fund and theCreative Communities Prosperity Fund

The Toronto Star

"A ‘decent’ proposal: Not-for-profits should raise job standards, report says": The Change Report argues the not-for-profit industry can lead the way on fair pay and benefits and help end precarious work in Ontario. Learn More

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