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150 x 150 Fundraising Campaign


In the spirit of Canada's 150th birthday, we are challenging our community to give the ultimate gift - $150 from 150 people!

This gift will support the creation and implementation of professional development programs for York Region based artists, arts organizations, and creative entrepreneurs. The Artrepreneur business accelerator, mentorship, and artist-in-residence programs are examples of the type of project your gift will contribute to growth.

Creatives who participate in these programs go on to have a significant impact on the local community and beyond. You have the opportunity to collectively enable this impact and we look forward to sharing all of the success stories with you!

We also want to know, WHY DO YOU SUPPORT ARTS & CULTURE IN YORK REGION? Please type your answer in the message box below when submitting your donation. Your name and reason for supporting will be published on the York Region Arts Council's website (unless you choose to remain anonymous). We want to share with everyone, 150 reasons why supporting arts and culture matter to you.

If $150 is beyond your financial means, please consider gifting an amount of your choice. We recomend increments of $25. 

Ultimately, your generosity will support and champion a vibrant arts community within York Region and enrich the lives of our citizens.

Join us in fulfilling our mission of creating a dynamic York Region arts and culture scene by increasing knowledge, communication and awareness.




We asked our donors: why do you support the arts and culture in York Region?
Now it's your turn. Tell us how YOU support the Arts and Culture in York Region!
Become a donor today.

Artist Spotlight


Sylvia Chan

About the Artist

Sylvia is an Award Winning Artist and Ontario Certified Teacher who creates opportunities for people to get in touch with their inner ‘artist’ and inspires youth to make a difference in the community by use of their creativity and imagination. She owns and operates successful community art initiatives and events, Sylvia Chan is a professional artist and art educator from Markham with over 10 years of painting and teaching experience. 

Have you attended any of YRAC professional development workshops/program/events for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and cultural workers? If so, what was your experience?

I have participated in the YRAC Artrepreneur program, a program designed to equip independent artists, arts administrators and creative entrepreneurs with vital business skills needed for success across all arts disciplines and industries. My experience with it has been full of engaging workshops, and lessons full of learning.

Do you believe that attending the workshops was beneficial to you? How did it positively impact you?

I think as an artist, it is important and vital to learn business skills, in order to be successful as an artist. It positively impacted me by providing resources and new learning skills I haven’t put into practice as much, such as creating an elevator pitch and learning about how to best apply to grants. 

In your mind, what role does YRAC play in building a thriving local arts and culture sector? Why do you support arts & culture in York Region?

I believe the role YRAC play in building a thriving local arts and culture sector is important. I definitely support the arts and culture in York region. As an artist in schools, and a practicing artist and art teacher, I believe the arts make a difference for people in bridging the gap. Art allows people to connect and to communicate regardless of background, race, gender, and age. Art is something that creates inclusivity to happen in the community. Without the arts and culture, we would just be missing the human soul in the community.

Why should community members of York Region be interested in supporting arts & culture?

The arts make a difference for young people. By educating people that the arts is also valuable as math, language, and other subjects, can broaden students understanding of the arts. Everyone is an artist in their own way, and it is about becoming self-reliant problem solvers and self-creators. The arts allow one to imagine and to think outside of the box.

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How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality


By the American Planning Association

Traditional outcomes of economic development in planning include job creation, increased tax revenues, increased property values, increased retail activity, and more sustained economic vitality. These goals are often pursued through programs such as workforce development, recruitment, amenity packages for firms, local property investment, and policies that support business. When combined with creative approaches, these traditional programs can create a richer context for economic development. Read More

Putting the Arts to Work for City Resilience: Creative Placemaking


March 3, 2015
By Jason Schupbach

"The science of how to do the technical parts of community development is well understood – how to build water infrastructure, housing units, transportation systems - but we as community development officials have forgotten about the ‘people’ part of the equation. How do we build places where people actually want to live their lives? How do we build strong social ties? The secret lies partly in the arts." Read More

How Arts and Cultural Strategies Create, Reinforce, and Enhance Sense of Place


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How Vibrant Culture Attracts Top Talent


June 22, 2016
By Business for the Arts

Commissioned by BftA with support from Ontario Arts Council and research contribution by Nanos Research, the survey reveals to what extent the skilled workforce considers arts and culture a priority in community and corporate culture, and areas businesses could benefit by further aligning with these desires. Read More

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