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2018 Municipal Election – How do Candidates Support the Arts?

The York Region Arts Council (YRAC) is the only York Region-wide non-profit charitable arts service organization focused on capacity building, creative placemaking and community engagement in support of artists, arts organizations and creative entrepreneurs.

On August 14th, 2018, we hosted an interactive Arts Advocacy Circle led by York Region-based Arts Educator, Sheniz Janmohamed. This was the first time YRAC coordinated a discussion specifically about arts advocacy in York Region.

Arts and culture are integral to healthy, creative communities, and the Arts Advocacy Circle allowed us to gain a better understanding of what artists, culture workers and patrons of the arts would like to see realized in York Region. The Arts Advocacy Circle focused on the following outcomes:

  1. To increase awareness of the importance of the arts and culture sector at the municipal and regional level
  1. To provide artists, culture workers and supporters of the arts in York Region with new means to identify issues and questions that matter to them
  1. To encourage informed voting

Impact of the Arts:

  1. The arts boost our economy: The creative industry’s contribution to Ontario’s GDP is greater than that of the energy industry, and the agriculture, forestry and mining sectors combined. (1)
  1. The arts provide returns on investment: In the City of Toronto, every $1 invested in the non-profit arts sector by the City generates $8.25 in earned revenues plus an additonal $11.77 from other levels of government. (2)
  1. The arts spark creativity and innovation: Arts education teaches skills that provide a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. (3)
  1. The arts are good for local businesses and attract tourists: In 2010, arts and culture tourists to Ontario generated $3.7 billion in GDP, 67,700 jobs, $2.4 billion in wages and $1.7 billion in taxes for all levels of government. (4)
  1. The arts improve the quality of our lives: 8 major indicators of health and well-being (including physical health, mental health, stress level, and overall satisfaction with life) are strongly connected to attending, or participating in, arts-related and cultural activities. (5)

To ensure that we received feedback from artists and arts workers across York Region who were unable to attend in person, we followed up the in-person session with an online survey. Over 60% of survey respondents identify as full or part-time arts professionals working in York Region.

When asked what type of support they would like to see from the regional and municipal governments in York Region, 66% said funding/financial support, 63% said affordable spaces to create and present work and 51% said the development of policies/programs that remove red-tape are important to them.

We also requested that participants submit questions for electoral candidates. These questions fall under a number of themes, including but not limited to funding, access and community engagement. Candidate responses will be posted on this page, which will be updated frequently leading up to the October 22 municipal election. Please note all responses have been published as provided to YRAC.

Read "Where Do York Region Municipal Election Candidates Stand on the Arts?" on

Candidate Questions and Answers:


Chris Ballard, Mayoral Candidate

Ian Clark, Councillor Candidate

Anna Kroeplin, Councillor Candidate

Derrick Hammett, Councillor Candidate

John Gallo, Councillor Candidate

Rachel Gilliland, Councillor Candidate

Vicky McGrath, Councillor Candidate 

Adam Mobbs, Councillor Candidate

Denis Van Decker, Councillor Candidate

East Gwillimbury

Loralea Carruthers, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Scott Crone, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Tara DiClemente, Incumbent Councillor Candidate Ward 2

Susan Lahey, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Cathy Morton, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Joe Perscheni, Incumbent Councillor Candidate Ward 2


Boris Godzinevski, Mayoral Candidate

Margaret Quirk, Incumbent Mayoral Candidate 


Nirmala Armstrong, Incumbent Regional Councillor Candidate

Ray Lai, Regional Councillor Candidate

Jeff Leung, Regional Councillor Candidate

Abdul Malik, Mayoral Candidate

Ricardo Mashregi, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Reid McAlpine, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Bola Otaraki, Councillor Candidate Ward 2

Shanta Sundarason, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Fred K. Wong, Councillor Candidate Ward 5


John Taylor, Mayoral Candidate

Tom Vegh, Regional Councillor Candidate 

Jack Zangari, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Richmond Hill

Michael Aziz, Councillor Candidate Ward 2

Jason Cherniak, Regional Councillor Candidate

Carol Davidson, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Ramin Faraji, Regional Councillor Candidate

Trifon Haitas, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Susan Korman, Mayoral Candidate

Carmine Perrelli, Regional Councillor Candidate

Mike Rajbar, Councillor Candidate Ward 2


Millad Hamidkohzad, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Furio Liberatore, Councillor Candidate Ward 4

Mark Pulciani, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

John Santoro, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Sandra Yeung Racco, Incumbent Councillor Candidate Ward 4

Skanda Singarajah, Regional Councillor Candidate

Sunder Singh, Incumbent Regional Councillor Candidate


Sue Sherban, Councillor Candidate Ward 6


1.     2016 Operating Budget Briefing Note: Impact of Increased Investments in Arts and Culture

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*Note that the above information and sources were derived from the Toronto Arts Foundation’s 2016 publication, Toronto Arts Facts.



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2018 Individual Donor Campaign

The first 100 donations of $100 or more will receive one of 100 limited edition prints of the original work, Fragile Balance, shown above by artist Anya Mielniczek.


About the Piece, in the Artist's Words:

"Creating this special piece for the York Region Arts Council, I wanted to work with themes related to our local environment. What came through was a water woman with some local creatures including a mudpuppy salamander and a couple of barn swallows. In my findings a recurring theme which came up was that it's a fragile balance keeping our ecosystems healthy, happy and clean amidst an ever growing city. Factors such are storm water run-off, population density and road salt are but a few factors that come into play in regards to the maintenance of our rivers, lakes and watershed management. With these things in mind I did want to showcase both positives and negatives - positives being the rise of sightings of such species as the mudpuppy salamander (which requires un-polluted waters!) and nesting barn sparrows which are a endangered species. However, in recent years such chemicals as chloride from road salt is being felt and picked up in our river water samples... It goes without saying, our lifestyles very much affect our local environments whether we are consciously aware of it or not. In this light "Fragile Balance" is a reflection on these findings and our place within it all." 

Artist Biography

Anya Mielniczek is a multidisciplinary artist working in various forms of art creation and facilitation since graduating from Queen’s University in 2012. The artist has worked with councillor’s offices, city BIA’s and groups of all ages with Mural Routes, Art Starts, the TDSB, and Cultural Hotspot. Her corporate project partners have also included Marlin Spring Developments, Arts Collective Brewing, and Dell. 

Anya uses mixed-media to explore themes around human nature and highlight environmental sustainability, taking her practice into the public realm she sees the limitless potential working across the city on public and private surfaces, emphasizing a proactive and informative approach to art making.


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Recent Media/Articles:

Dell World Oceans Day - Snapd Queen

CPCC - Plastic Coated

Chester Le Youth Mural 



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