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This is an online community for connecting Ontario’s nonprofit sector to create relationships, share knowledge, and build capacity with each other and beyond.

Overall, the Knowledge Centre is part of​ OTF’s commitment to support Ontario communities “beyond the grant” by giving you the opportunity to: 

  • Help build the capacity of the sector in learning about our Action Areas, Measurement, Open Data, and other topics of importance to the sector as they emerge. 
  • Build innovative and more personalized digital relationships with OTF and organizations just like yours, across the province and sector.
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Introducing the York Region Innovation and Entrepreneur Events Calendar

By Startup York

Wish community events could magically appear in your calendar?

We've been playing with this calendar that allows you to subscribe so that events (focused on entrepreneurs and innovation) in York Region show up on your computer and phone calendars.

Find out more in our newsletter:…/introducing-an-events-calendar-for-york…

Three Principles to Optimize Your Nonprofit Website for Conversion

By Terry Ibele 

A nonprofit website is effective when it successfully encourages visitors to take up a specific call of action. The moment at which a visitor provides a desired response -- whether by donating, subscribing to an email list, or creating a new membership account -- is called "conversion." Learn More

For What its Worth: A Toolkit for Navigating the Appraisal of Donated Works


As you have no doubt seen from emails, our toolkit on appraisals in currently underway! We will be working closely with the Art Dealers Association of Canada to develop the content over the next couple of months. 
As part of the research for the toolkit we are seeking members who have responded to our recent tool kit survey that would have time for a short phone conversation with our Content Consultant Ian Turner. Additional information will help us develop and research more efficiently and ensure the toolkit will be as useful to our members as possible.
If interested, please contact our Program Assistant Alexandra Loewen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A Few Good Methods for Processing Credit Cards

By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Andrei

f your nonprofit needs to accept credit card payments, it’s never been easier to do so. Whether those payments include donations made over the phone, on-site registration fees at your next conference, or purchases at a booth, gift shop, or craft fair, there are a number of ways to accept credit cards as payment. Some require different types of hardware and software and relationships with banks. Learn More

Why should your organization use a social media management tool?

By Jackie Neel, freelance writer, and professor at Temple University

As a savvy nonprofit worker, you already know that you should be on social media. You might even know that you should have a strategysegment your market, and plan your resources. But what about that most important of all resources: human resources?

Unlike Fortune 500 companies, many nonprofits can't afford to dedicate a specific person to monitor social media all day. Instead, locating and posting material is an additional job or a team effort. One way to maximize that effort is to use free online programs to post your most important messages across multiple media platforms at the same time and on your schedule.  Learn More

Optimize your fundraising efforts with DonorPerfect!

By Ben Losman

DonorPerfect is comprehensive, customizable donor management software that enables nonprofits of all sizes to track donor data, launch hyper-targeted fundraising campaigns, and automate tasks that eat up precious time and energy. With tools for optimizing both online and offline fundraising efforts, DonorPerfect makes it easy to cultivate the relationships that drive impact and growth.

Through TechSoup Canada, DonorPerfect is offering eligible organizations a donated one-year subscription to DonorPerfect (renewable up to three years), as well as unlimited access to its discounted software solutions.  Learn More

Branding 101

By ArtReach

In this toolkit, you will learn the basics of branding, how to develop your brand, how to create brand content, how to design your brand identity, how to compile your portfolio, and more!  Learn More

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Nonprofit Fundraising

By TechSoup Canada Guest Author

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer technology that’s only feasible in the future. It’s here now — and it’s being used with impressive results. As a nonprofit organization, you can use AI apps and tools to streamline important fundraising efforts and spend more time obtaining the money you need to effectively run operations and less time handling logistics. Learn More

4 Tech Tools for Dealing with Turnover at Your Nonprofit

By Ben Losman

In 2016, the turnover rate for the American nonprofit sector was a staggering 19 percent. Now, if you’re a seasoned nonprofit professional, this number might not be surprising. After all, this is a sector that employs passionate people to do hard work for little money -- it's not a formula that guarantees retention. Learn More

Become a Nonprofit Thought Leader through Digital Content

By Ben Losman

In the digital age, calling yourself a thought leader is a bit like introducing yourself as a “local hero.” Coming out of your own mouth, the label doesn't mean much. And yet the nonprofit sector is brimming with self-proclaimed thought leaders. Why? Learn More

Asset Planner for the Arts

By ArtsBuild Ontario

Asset Planner is an online asset management tool to help organizations practice effective building management and reduce risk through proactive approaches to facility maintenance. This online training and learning series will provide you with the tools necessary to make better decisions, produce accurate forecasts for your arts facility, and plan ahead for your organization’s needs. Learn More

Building Communities: Increasing Online Engagement and Awareness

By TechSoup

In this webinar, we cover how to build an online community through social media, what social media channels are out there, which ones should you be using, how to fit managing social media into your schedule, and tips for creating and curating great content to keep your community engaged. Learn More

Planning a Nonprofit Blog You Can Manage

By Matthew Couto

Many nonprofits want to start a blog, but their staff are often balancing multiple roles and don’t have the resources to regularly maintain one. However, blogs bring many benefits to nonprofits, and with a strategic approach you can manage a blog with minimal time and resources. Learn More

Getting Quality Audio for Your Video

By Allea Grummert

Don't let poor audio be the downfall of telling your nonprofit's story! Techsoup has compiled a three-part series on getting quality audio (for your video). Learn about location scouting, noise control, mic placement and more. Learn More

Starting a Business Checklist

By the Small Business Enterprise Centre of Richmond Hill

The Richmond Hill Small Business Enterpriuse Centre has compiled a checklist to ensure that you have all your bases covered when starting your own business. Learn More

Small Business Start-up Package

By the Small Business Enterprise Centre of Richmond Hill

Resources that will provide you with a great overview of the tools to help you start your business and prepare your business plan. Learn More

Public Relations Toolkit

By the Ontario Trillium Foundation

To help grantees fulfill their grant recognition requirements and create successful public relation plans and program. Learn More

Sample of a Media Advisory

By the York Region Arts Council

A template that can be used to inform the media about specific details (location, dates, times, speakers, etc.) of an upcoming event. Learn More

How to make an Artist Press Kit

By Graham Matthews

Press kits are invaluable for artists for the purpose of promotion, publicity and exposure.  Press kits or media kits generally contain information about the artist, the artist statement, resume, awards, exhibitions, artwork samples, etc. Learn More

The Emerging Artist Guide

By Spark Box Studio

The world of art can seem like a daunting place to navigate for even the most experienced of artists. To give you a jump start, the Sparks at Spark Box Studio have gathered and organized all kinds of valuable information that will help you organize and promote yourself as an artist, get your work out there, and understand the business basics of a career in the arts. Learn More

WorkInCulture eLearning Programs

Want to gain the knowledge, skills, and insight necessary to get ahead in the cultural sector? Developed by experts in the industry, WorkInCulture's online learning program gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Each eLearning module is designed to enhance your business skills, with a focus on the specific needs of the cultural sector. These courses provide relevant examples and practical exercises, and will guide you through many of the processes step-by-step. Best of all, these courses can be done on your own time, at your own pace. Learn More

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