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Shadowpath Presents Readings in the Woods

Shadowpath Presents Readings in the Woods

Read a role or just take a stroll through nature, immersed in a site-specific playreading by Shadowpath!

Starting indoors with introductions and a synopsis of the play, the group will travel on a light and easy trail through Kortright's conservation area, making two stops to hear a short scene.
At the sugar shack, enjoy maple syrup samples and then head back indoors for wine and cheese tastings during the final scene.
An innovative way to combine nature and theatre, making the most of some of York Region's most beautiful landscapes.
Interested in reading a small role? Let us know! We want to share in the creative process with you, integrating professional performers and the everyday arts enthusiast.

The Wildflower Retreat - A One Act Play in three scenes
by alex karolyi


Keith and Carman are organizing their first trail hike (rated EASY) through the Kortright Centre. They have with them a group full of keen adventurers - some slightly more enthusiastic than others. As Keith and Carman lead the team through the woods, they come upon a sugar shack, all the while, taking in the scenery and shenanigans along the way.

This al fresco playreading combines nature and theatre, concluding with an indoor wine and cheese sampling to enjoy the final scene of the night.

Scene one - at the picnic benches
Scene two - at the sugar shack
Scene three - inside wine and cheese


Narrator - reads synopsis, some stage directions, sets up each scene
Retreat Leaders - Keith and Carman - happy-hippy vibe duo, first time leading a retreat, want to be the best but ready to run if things don't work out the way they planned

Retreat participants:
Joy and Ronald - Ronald calls it like it is and has been married for too long to Joy who tries to keep things light-hearted and fun but feels she always has to cover for Ronald's outbursts)
Tami and Terri - fraternal twins
Sonny and Katherine - expecting their first child, Katherine is 9 months pregnant and fiercly independant and Sonny is scared, very scared.
Lana and Amanda - proud lesbians - one more so than the other
Wilfred or Willa - Wildflower expert extraordinaire
Albert or Alberta - Wedding crasher, finds out too late, this is not a wedding

PARKING - Free on site

APPAREL - Comfy hike-appropriate shoes yet wine and cheese sophisticated :)

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