To be the hub for a vital and vibrant arts, culture, and tourism scene in York Region, by giving voice to the diverse artists and cultural organizations in our community through advocacy, education, programming and strategic partnerships.


We envision a resilient, diverse and thriving arts and culture, and tourism scene in York Region where: 

  • All artists, arts and tourism organizations are supported at the municipal and regional level 

  • The arts and culture, and tourism sectors are recognized and celebrated for their social and economic impact in York Region 

  • Residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds are aware of the dynamic arts and culture, and tourism scene, feel connected to and value the culture in York Region

  • The diversity of York Region is represented through its local artists, cultural and tourism organizations and governance structures


  • That equity, diversity and inclusivity are integral to York Region’s arts and culture sector

  • That the arts are vital to creating a unique and exciting identity for York Region

  • That awareness and access to local arts and cultural activities increases quality of life and connectedness to each other 

  • The arts, culture and creative industries play an essential role in the Region’s economic prosperity

  • That artists and cultural workers contribute to the regional knowledge economy and innovation ecosystem

  • Grass roots arts organizations and independent artists have the capacity to be change makers and community leaders